About Us



Asset to the Resistance is comprised of accountants, tax preparers and fiscal consultants aka Radical Money People (RMP) who understand the inherently flawed and oppressive logic of capitalist economics. We believe that in order for life to thrive, radical transformation is necessary. We want to elevate business models that focus on equitable labor practices and local resource consumption, distribution and preservation. Through education and empowerment, we support our clients in constructing new ways of doing business, one where "success" is not solely defined by numbers, but rather by the overall health of all living things.

Our current economic system exploits the many in favor of the privileged few and tries to bury its truths and deceive its workers. From a young age, we are led to believe the "myth of meritocracy”: if we work hard enough then we, too, can achieve financial success. This "meritocracy" does not account for the impact of indigenous genocide, slavery, racism, gender inequality, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, etc., all of which dramatically affect our ability to earn a living. As a result we are encouraged to fight for limited resources, competing with our neighbors and friends rather than directing our anger and frustration at the system itself. Capitalism is upheld by shame and scarcity. It is not healthy for building and encouraging a sense of self and community.

what we do...

As assets for the resistance we have the privilege and responsibility to address economic inequality. This includes educating our communities about the capitalist system, how it impacts them, and how to navigate it with a sense of power. We aim to do this by creating a referral network through the Asset to the Resistance website, offering grassroots fiscal education and providing Q&A sessions with RMP’s. We hope to build a stronger, more equitable community, one where we talk about money and privilege openly and with vulnerability for the purpose of supporting the broader social justice movement.